Atlantic Airships Swingboats

Based around the success of the Royal Jubilee Swingboats at weddings and functions, the Atlantic Airships are tailored for these kinds of events. A taller set, with four boats, is designed more for the adult and teenage market.

This ride is as old as they get, swingboats have been entertaining the thousands since the early 1800’s and are still popular today. The eco – friendly ride is operated and controlled by the rider on the church bell ropes, and the lighting system is modern, whilst carrying the same warmth and quality.

Please get in touch if you would like to hire this ride for your event, we travel the majority of the country and are always willing to work with you to give you your desired package. This ride carries Public liability insurance of 5 Million.

To hire, contact



The top sign artwork for the atlantic airships was a joint collaboration between myself and pete theobald, an expert in picture forms. His concept of two airships flowing over the new york and london skylines is nothing less than perfection. This coupled with gold leaf scrolls wrapping round the main scene and both aeroplanes, the artwork is breathtaking! Pictures of all these are below;