Carousel Motor Car Build

The existing cars were made from heavy materials and each car weighed over 120kg which was too much for two people to lift safely. We found original pictures of our ride, in particular of the cars, and these were used as a basis to build the new set. I scaled up the side view photo of the old cars to make patterns for the shape of the new cars. Once these were done, a friend helped us make the sides and front panels out of aluminium with the traditional rolled edge as per the original. I used an aluminium extrusion walkway material for each base for strength and to allow drainage and dirt to fall through. The hanging brackets were marked out and then everything could be built accordingly.

Once all the parts were built, the floors went for powder coating, the steel work went for zinc phosphate plating, structural aluminium went for hard gold anodising, and I painted the seats and panels. I tried to copy the original pattern and this was done in 24 carat gold leaf. When all the components were complete, I assembled the cars using all stainless steel nuts and bolts to give a quality finish. We also installed seat belts for smaller children riding on the carousel. I was really happy with the new cars and each one weighs 25kg, a significant improvement on our old cars. They also contain a majority of steel and aluminium which reduces the chance of rot.