Victorian & Modern Fairground Decoration

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Thunderdome Board Refurbishment

Boston Workshop - June 2018

I was asked to refurbish a set of front panels from a Maxwell Waltzer ride. There were eight panels that join together to make up the rides name, Thunderdome.

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Funfair restoration

Carousel Motor Car Build

Boston Workshop - April 2018

The existing cars were made from heavy materials and each car weighed over 120kg which was too much for two people to lift safely.

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Chair-O-Plane Rounding Boards

Boston Workshop - August 2018

One of my favourite painting jobs to this day is still the rounding boards on a Jackson’s Chair-o-plane ride. The customer specified pink, gold and all the details on the job

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Decorating the Autodrome

Boston Workshop - October 2018

Decorating the Lang Wheels Autodrome was an interesting and very enjoyable task. The finished result was fantastic!

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