St. Nicholas School Tutor Session

We were asked by St Nicks School of Boston to bring one of our rides to help with their topic based on fairground rides. The focus of the topic was on mechanisms and how things work, so we chose our Victorian Hand Turned Carousel based on the simple mechanisms that make it turn. We were asked to teach the children not only how the mechanisms work, but how it is built up and pulled down.

Our Victorian Carousel was perfect for teaching the children as they could position their chairs circular around the Carousel and all get a good view. The children were allowed out to watch the build-up and had the opportunity to have a few rides before lunch time. After lunch, the children brought out their drawing pads and pencils and drew a certain area of the carousel, helped by Tom who also taught them about the fairground artwork and gave guidance on how to make their drawings better. Once the drawings were complete, the children were so excited that they were allowed to watch us pull the Carousel down too!

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