Royal Jubilee Swing Boats

 The Royal Jubilee Swingboats are our oldest and most popular attraction. These swingboats have six boats and can ride adults and childrens, however if you are looking at having swingboats for adult riders, please check out our Atlantic Airships.
Emily and Mark 990Emily and Mark 905Emily and Mark 157Emily and Mark 155
Based on a set of traditional swing boats, we hand built these boats from the same materials as they where built back in the 1900’s to ensure they are suitable for all weather conditions, are hard wearing and most importantly, safe. They are tested upon the Amusement Devices Inspection Procedures Scheme and have public liability insurance of up to five million pounds. They are popular with a range of age groups, enjoyed by both children and adults alike, they are an exciting and well received addition to any celebration or event. Painted by hand, in traditional colours, and with attractive lights, they are suitable for the day or night they add an element of grandeur to any setting. Whether it is a private party, a village fete, or a charity fundraiser, we are available for all events – we will set up the boats for you and will stay and mind them for you should you require!
For full information of how we made the swing boats and images of them in action please browse through the pictures below. For any enquiries feel free to contact us on and we will be in touch as soon as possible.
boats and sheet 4Picture 012 Picture 006 Picture 005 Picture 001