Thunderdome Board Refurbishment

I was asked to refurbish a set of front panels from a Maxwell Waltzer ride. There were eight panels that join together to make up the rides name, Thunderdome. The boards were mostly original, dating back to the 70s, with a later paint-job by my tutor Pete Tate around 20 years ago. Once all the panels were repaired and two had new faces fitted, I prepared the surfaces with sanding and small amounts of filler to get ready for the fairground art. The back of the boards had to be finished in glossy Mercedes red and enough coats were applied until the wood was sealed to prevent further rot.

The fronts had primer then many undercoats with sanding in between to give a perfect finish. It was then time to build the front up ready for fairground art. Patterns were taken from the old panels, pounced on and the processes could start. It was particularly difficult matching the colours as they had faded and darkened over 20 years. The finished job had two coats of varnish and the new boards couldn’t be noticed next to the old ones. p>

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